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Reviews from Etsy

jhullie-"Absolutely perfect! Just what I wanted to help my Dad cope with his dementia. Brilliant quality and top quality."

Elyssa- "This is so well made and thoughtful. My great aunt has just gone into a nursing home and not allowed many visitors, I'm sure this will cheer her up. Thank you 🙏"

Bernadette- "This is just amazing and so soft and well made. Can’t wait for my Dad to have this for Christmas. Thank you 😊"

JOski-"Looks great - can’t wait to share with mum"

Pkfilseth-"I was hesitant to spend this much sight unseen, but all concerns evaporated the moment I opened the box. This fidget blanket is so beautifully designed, and so beautifully made. My Dad has dementia, and increasingly seems not to know what to do with his hands, fidgeting. I think he's going to enjoy this so much, and that it will help to ease the nervous anxiety that seems to go hand in hand with his condition. Thank you so, so much ... I will definitely keep an eye on your shop for future purchases!"

Sce3008-"Absolute amazing quality!! Bought this for my 2 ASD toddlers to use in the car. The size vs the price tag did make me hesitate but you definitely won’t easily find a sensory blanket of this quality around so I’m very happy with it."

Comments from Instagram

Emilyslifeonwheels-"My grandmother loves hers" (bought a TacTiles blanket)

Theshaunashow-"Cant wait for dad to use it!!!! Thank you for this!!!!" (bought a TacTiles blanket)

Cabaret95- "Got ours in the mail a few days ago, beautiful, well constructed, and satisfies tactile senses." (bought a TacTiles blanket)

Phoenix_boards- "These are amazing! I was a physical therapist for many years and worked with dementia patients in their homes. I have never seen anything like these."

Justduckygifts- "Absolutely love what you are doing!!!! Touches my heart deeply."

Katies_Jewelry23- "I about cried when I read the caption, This is such a beautiful thing that you are doing. I'm glad there are people like you in this world!"

Cannot_thank_saibaba_enough- "Out of the world product"

Homebrewedlove-"Omg I love, love, love this one! You're inspiring me to try working with new textiles for my sensory products"

Papercranethreads- "Your work is marvellous"

Fairycupcakes20-"These are wonderful! Maybe just what my mum needs x"

Lizbeefidgetquilts- "Stunning work Sophie"

Thekindpilot- "Oh, I love these! What a great idea! My little guy would have this in hand all the time!"

Thetwiddler- "Beautiful well made fidget blankets= mega pins on Pinterest!"

Thehustleensemble-"The best of the best"

Omawonders-"You make amazing sensory blankets! They're so valuable to their recipients!"

Craftaholicpaws- "Love these! My father had dementia and had a similar one to fiddle with and really helped him."

Innervulnerabilities-"Wow...this is amazing!! I want one for me, too!"

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