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What are TacTiles?

TacTiles are bespoke handmade sensory blankets that are primarily used to aid those living with dementia. The blankets are made up of a varying number of 'tiles' which provide different types of stimulation or comfort. The tiles can be customised for all levels of dementia.

TacTiles consist of different activities and tactile fabric/objects for the individual to fiddle with and explore. They can vary in complexity to meet the needs of the individual. Sensory blankets can be used to help stimulate, occupy, calm, comfort and distract. They can also help maintain fine motor skills and provide the person with a meaningful activity to engage in. They can occupy someone for long periods, keep their hands busy and settle them when they are restless. 

So far my sensory blankets have found new homes in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Italy and South Korea.

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